Promotional Products/Branded Merchandise

Support your marketing campaigns with creative and custom branded merchandise. Launch your brand into the spotlight with an assortment of personalized products that go wherever you go.

What is a promotional product?

Promotional products are items imprinted with your company’s logo and possibly a small message, usually contact information and/or tagline, showcasing your business identity. They are distributed as giveaways for either existing or prospective customers as well as employees to promote company loyalty. These items can be in the form of writing instruments, drinkware, technology products, apparel, and more.


Promotional products provide businesses with an affordable way to more get more impressions for their investment. A magnet on a refrigerator is seen approximately 10,000 times over the course of its lifetime. Repeated exposure at a low cost is the name of the game in marketing and advertising.

We help navigate through the thousands of items available since the correct product is critical. If chosen correctly, most recipients will save and use these items for many months and will sometimes pass them on to someone else generating the same effect in the minds of the next recipient.

Brand recognition

Both large and small businesses use promotional items to build a strong reputation and stand out from their competitors as well as boost company morale for their employees. Since most promotional products are things that we use every day, the recipients will be reminded subconsciously of your company’s name. This slowly builds your brand’s reputation in their minds.

It also allows you to reinforce your marketing message without becoming annoying. By using this method in your promotions, they will definitely remember the products and services you offer faster than other methods of marketing and advertising.

Customer loyalty

When a consumer receives a promotional product, it creates a perception that they are being thanked for bringing their business to your company. When your customer feels that he or she is important to your business, they will automatically appreciate your generosity. Promotional products become a token in building a good relationship between you and your customer.

The best thing about a custom promotional product is that they can turn your existing customers into brand ambassadors. Word of mouth is a very powerful tool in driving future sales and it all starts with having loyal customers who return to buy more from and refer those they know to you.

The right product for your project makes a difference and brings results. Call us at (212) 682-9811.