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How Online ProStores Work for your Business and Brand Image

Today everyone is online, and purchasing items online has become second nature to consumers. Having your company store online allows potential buyers to search for your products and services. A company store is a specialized e-commerce web site where customers buy branded merchandise, redeem rewards, or fulfill marketing materials. ProStores are different than the standard WordPress, Shopify, and Magento platforms because they specialize in a smaller number of products with more cost control and redemption features.

Get More Done In Less Time

Customers and employees love to use customized items such as shirts, bags, pens, apparel, and many more. Showcasing your products on a ProStore helps you get online without the added headaches.

There are several ProStore marketing ideas you and your company can try, including:

Reward Programs are programs that reward employees and clients for achievements, goal completions, and key performance indicator (KPI) success. These rewards programs give incentives to employees and customers for their loyalty with valuable incentives such as points programs or point stores.

Point Stores incentivize employees and customers via points without the use of money. Points can be given as rewards for sales completions, tradeshow events, social media, and marketing campaigns.

Popup Stores have become a new trend among consumers. Popup stores run only for a few months and showcase new products, holiday sales, team uniforms, or group purchasing options.

Microstores allow you to showcase multiple product catalogs for customers on the same domain. These microstores are ideal for companies and businesses selling products and services to specific clients.

What about a ProStore for employees?

Custom e-company stores, or online company stores, can be made exclusively for employees. This is a great way to reward loyalty to the company

It works as a one-stop-shop where your employees can purchase the company merchandise of their choice anytime they want. Through a simple web-based ordering platform, your employees can order directly from the distributor, which cuts off the processing time intended for the middleman to do his

ProStores Enhance Reporting And Visibility.

Studies show that engagement plays a huge role in achieving better results. Tracking this engagement allows you to improve your business’s performance. ProStores let you see a bird’s eye view of how client’s interact with your merchandise. And they create a comfortable and cost-effective way to engage with your brand whenever and however needed.

ProStores are simple and less stressful for everybody.

Aside from the fact that it gives direct access to any company merchandise, the ordering process itself is a lot better as it becomes simplified. Thus, a more speedy and easy process takes place for your clients and staff to enjoy.

This corporate branding program can help you, as an employer, streamline administrative processes.

Solidify your brand and your company’s reputation

Creating a ProStore makes it easier to spread your brand’s identity by having easy access to fashionable merchandise which consumers can use for their day to day activities.

Using these branded promotional products with your employees will also let you spread the visual identity of your brand. They can promote your brand to the public while solidifying your company’s reputation at the same time.

ProStores can help you minimize costs and risks.

With ProStores, the only cost you need is the cost incurred in creating your site. If you closely monitor the flow of this marketing tool, you’ll realize that the cost of building your platform is quite minimal when compared to the return it provides. Furthermore, they make it easier to mitigate risks to your staff while maintaining covid-19 compliance.

Create your corporate e-commerce company store with us! From company stores to warehouse and fulfillment, we do it for you!

Here at Proforma Myca Marketing, we offer rewards programs, points stores, popup stores, and microsites, and other complex logistical projects fast and easy. We have an extensive network of local and global partners that will help us manage your company store efficiently.

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